Hospital Admission Process


This card can be used ONLY for HOSPITALISATION / DAY CARE and OPD treatment like Dialysis, Cataract, etc. In diagnostic centers this card can be used for CT scan and MRI only.


For Cashless Treatment
  • For cashless treatment facility contact Paramount Healthcare Management Pvt. Ltd.

    Toll free No.: 1800 123 5486 (24 Hours Help Line)

    Fax: (022) 66444781//82/83/84

    E-mail: [email protected]

  • There are no binding restrictions as in mediclaim insurance, here we provide all kinds of therapy for all diseases for all ages of Bhagwants.
  • Indoor hospitalization treatment by Allopathic & Ayurvedic Medical Sciences.
  • To avoid the same disease in future or to reduce the impact, proper guidance & treatment will be given
  • Please get admitted in NETWROK Hospitals only. Details provided in Mobile app / Website / Directory or Contact us.
  • Admitting SA Coordinator, sangh and shravak may please be aware that ONLY CASHLESS facility will be available at network hospitals.
  • For routine non-emergency hospitalization, concerned person from sangh or any other person with the Gurubhagwant can visit the hospital along with admission note from doctor and Shraman Arogyam PHM Card.
  • Mediclaim department of hospital will fill up an intimation form and send it to Paramount.
  • The intimation form will be scrutinized and approval will be given within a day.
  • For routine admissions, it is advisable to get admitted ONLY after cashless approval is received to avoid confusion.
  • Normal Room Rent is restricted with maximum limit up to 3,500/- per day.
  • ICU – Rs. 7,000/- per day.
  • Room charges restricted to lowest single room available in hospital with attached bathroom. It may vary from hospital to hospital. Hence we have kept limit of Rs.3,500/- per day, but may vary from hospital to hospital (In case of admission to higher category rooms such as deluxe, super deluxe and suite room, Shraman Arogyam will cover expenses only to the extent as per single room charges of that hospital (hospital’s room tariff card must be submitted with bill).
  • Please be aware that in case of admission in higher category admissions, ALL CHARGES are increased disproportionately and not only the room charge. This significantly increases the cost of admission and medical care. If such high charges can be avoided, without compromise in the medical treatment in any way, it allows us to humbly extend our service to more Gurubhagwants.
  • In case of emergency, Gurubhagwant may be admitted without 24 hours prior intimation. BUT please provide Shraman Arogyam card to hospital mediclaim desk at the time of admission to avail cashless facility.
  • Kindly note that Gurubhagwant can be discharged ONLY after hospital sends final total bill and discharge summary to Paramount by email. After scrutiny of the same, Paramount will give approval to the hospital and Gurubhagwant can be discharged.
  • Please send feedback letter from Gurubhagwant.
For Reimbursement Treatment